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Our main intention at SBK School is to prepare children both socially and emotionally before they enter primary school. 

Also, to help them develop cognition, confidence and school readiness while instilling a life-long love for learning and discovering in young children. 

We also believe that to build confidence in the student it is good for them to participate in many kinds of activities.

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Someone once said, “Simple having a dream isn’t enough. Taking the steps to fulfill that dream is the key.” 

I have always dreamt of having a school, a chance of bringing a change in the lives of the younger generation.

After graduating, (Hons. Masters in Early Education from University of Birmingham, UK), I decided to move to Thailand and start my teaching career here. 

Working as a teacher for four years, and observing the development of my students made me realize that it is very important to bring happiness, academic development and joy into a young child’s life. 

I started to dream to have my own school.

On this journey I have been lucky to get to know some amazing people who I call family. 

With their help today I have founded the Siraj Bilingual Daycare and Kindergarten School, to honor my late father’s dream and mine for making a difference in children’s lives.

The SBK school team has a passion to bring a new beginning to each young child that we teach.

We believe that young lives, their future and their development matters. 

We are very passionate in guiding young children to learn, to experience life and discover their new learning potential, not only from classroom learning but also with outdoor learning, which promote social skills and responsibility.

With the help of our qualified and experienced teachers and staff, we wish to help to follow the approaches of emotional intelligence, physical growth, social skills and academic achievements when it comes to providing the best early start in education for your children. 

I am sure we can contribute positively to our new generation’s life. 

After all, it is their future, their safety, and their happiness that matters most.

Nawabzadi Marina Raisani
Director/ Head Teacher SBK School

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