Our Facilities

We provide a state-of-the-art learning and play environment for all children.

With remote classrooms, a canteen, a hydroponics area, a sports pitch as well as a swimming pool, your child will love learning with us.

Take a look below at our facilities and contact us to enrol your child.

Air Purifiers

We have air purifiers in every classroom.

Cooking Area

We have a fully stocked kitchen and baking area.

Music Room

We make children enjoy playing and socialising.

Art Room

We have a fully equipped arts and crafts room.

24 Hour CCTV

We keep our CCTV on 24/7.


We have modern and spacious classrooms.

First Aid

We keep your child safe at all times.

Mini Golf

We have a complete mini-golf area for play.

Sand Pit

We have a full size sand pit for your child to explore.

Mini Pitch

We have a mini football pitch.


We have a full outdoor playground.

Mini Library

We have a full mini library to encourage reading.

Mini Swimming Pool

We have a mini swimming pool for your child to learn to swim.

Mini Garden

We have plantation areas where your child can grow plants.

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